On 30 October 2017, Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Marise Payne, unveiled a memorial adjacent to Defence Site Maribyrnong dedicated to ‘Sandy’ the Light Horse and the Australian Light Horse Brigades.

Sandy belonged to Major General Sir William Bridges KCB, CMG, who died in battle at Gallipoli, and was the only horse to return to Australia following service in World War I.

The memorial has been brought to fruition by the Australian Government, through the committed ‘Friends of Sandy and the Australian Light Horses’, and the Maribyrnong City Council.

The memorial was unveiled on the eve of the centennial anniversary of the Battle of Beersheba where four of Australia’s Light Horse Brigades played a pivotal role.

The ceremony was very well attended and official photos can be viewed on the defence website - images.defence.gov.au/sandy

Two poignant readings were delivered by  Andre Jewson, the actor who performed on the Rosemary John's play "As Told by the Boys Who Fed Me Apples".  The readings "I want a sensible horse" depicted the words of Major General Bridges, when choosing his mount for his assignment to the Front and the character Jordan (Sandy's groom ) as he interacted with the horse. 

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